Virtual Terminal for UK Merchants
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All e-commerce merchants need the best from their merchant accounts. MOTO merchants, who rely on manually entering customer payment information, need an application that allows them to seamlessly charge customers for their products. With the virtual terminal from ECommerceServicesUK, MOTO merchants in the United Kingdom can submit payments easily and effortlessly.

About the Virtual Terminal

The virtual terminal from ECommerceServicesUK allows MOTO merchants to enter customer payment information into their payment gateway for fast payment processing. No software is required—the virtual terminal is a web based application that allows merchant to create a secure username and password to access their accounts.

Features of the UK Merchant Panel

The virtual terminal is a feature of the larger merchant panel, which is designed to give merchants unlimited access and control over their payment entry system. The other features of the merchant panel include transaction and statistics pages and a user management interface.

Transaction Page

The Transaction Page allows merchants to access stored data from all transactions processed through the virtual terminal. Merchants can simply select a date range and have access to detailed transaction data. The application also allows merchants to export and print the data for their records.

Statistics Page

The Statistics Page functions almost identically to the Transactions Page, except merchants can view specific customer and business data stored in the merchant panel. See where customers purchase your products from, which currency they use, and more. Like the Transaction Page, you can export the data and print it for your records.

User Management Interface

EcommerceServicesUK understands that many merchants may not have the time to monitor their data and enter payments for their business. With the User Management Interface, you can create accounts for employees so they can enter payments themselves. With useful tools that allow you to restrict certain access, you won't have to worry about your data's security—simply give access to the virtual terminal feature for payment entry only.

Get Your UK Virtual Terminal Today

If you're a MOTO merchant in the UK and need a great payment processing solution, consider a merchant account from ECommerceServicesUK. The virtual terminal is free for qualifying merchants, and you could start processing in as little as three to four days. To learn more about the virtual terminal or our MOTO merchant accounts, contact us today. You can also call 1-800-318-2713 to speak with a live representative today.

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